International Volunteering

Volunteer Corps members work full time alongside individuals and families in extreme poverty, making themselves available to support ATD Fourth World’s growth around the world. 

There are currently 460 Volunteer Corps members working in 34 countries. For ATD Fourth World, the term ”volunteers” means so much to us, it means:

  • A long-term commitment – Volunteers get involved for several years, without time limitation.
  • Geographical mobility – Volunteers change teams, responsibilities and even countries, every five years on average.
  • Choosing to share the lives of people in extreme poverty; very often, volunteers will live in working-class districts and will try and bond together with people living in difficult conditions.
  • Choosing a simple life – All volunteers get a small pay which does not depend on responsibilities or qualifications.

International volunteers come from very different backgrounds, training and age groups. Some of them are religious, others not. Some get involved as couples, others by themselves. Some have been volunteers for over 40 years, others stay only for a few months.

Learn more about international volunteering here, and see the videos below!

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