The international movement ATD Fourth World is essentially based on the commitment of permanent volunteers, volunteer allies and activists. These roles are defined in the description page of the Movement (sections our members).

International volunteers

More than 400 people around the world work in the teams of the ATD Fourth World Movement, in 30 countries. For ATD Fourth World, the term “volunteers” means so much to us, it means:

  • A long-term commitment: volunteers get involved for several years, without time limitation.
  • Geographical mobility: volunteers change teams, responsibilities and even countries, every five years on average.
  • A choice of life shared with people living in extreme poverty: very often, the volunteers live in popular neighborhoods, and will try to bond together with people living in difficult conditions.
  • A simple lifestyle choice: all volunteers receive a modest allowance, which does not depend on responsibilities or qualifications.

International volunteers come from very different backgrounds, training and age groups. Some of them are religious, others not. Some get involved as couples, others by themselves. Some have been volunteers for over 40 years, others stay only for a few months.

Learn more about international volunteering here.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us! If you do not live in Canada, please contact ATD Fourth World in your country/region.



At ATD Fourth World, we talk about alliance rather than volunteering, because the commitment of the allies goes beyond a simple one-off or weekly action: they undertake to carry the fight against poverty on a daily basis, within their social, professional or cultural environment. Where they live, act and work, they create new commitments in favor of a more just society, which leaves no one behind and tries to change the way society looks at the poorest.

For more information, see this sheet (in French) on the role of allies.

If you want to get involved as allies, get in touch with us too!

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