ATD Fourth World regularly publishes various reports or documents which are tools for reflection, mobilization and action against poverty. Here are several of those.

Many of these sources are only in French.

Publications in Quebec

Reports and documents


  • All the videos published by ATD Fourth World Canada gathered on one page.
  • A 10 min video (in French) which presents the Fourth World People’s University of Quebec.

International publications

Reports and documents



  • A large number videos are available on the ATD Fourth World International website.
  • ATD Fourth World also has a Youtube channel.
  • The website Unheard Voices, a web-documentary in 40 clips on the citizen participation of the poorest, to meet activists committed against poverty, from Bolivia to France and Tanzania, from Brooklyn to Dakar and Manila.
  • « Joseph l’insoumis » (in French), a film by Caroline Glorion inspired by the life of Father Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Fourth World.
  • The videos of the songs Lutter encore and With my two hands I can change the world.


  • The podcast Dignity Voice, of the International Committee of the 17 October, carried out for the 30th anniversary of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty of the United Nations.
  • The ATD Fourth World Podcast (France) which gives a voice to those who commit to ending extreme poverty and building a fairer society.