Laurent Commission Delegation

In December 2019, after several months of work and the support of the International Movement, we submitted to the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child (known as the Commission Laurent, named after its president Mrs. Régine Laurent) a brief entitled: « Réussir la protection de la jeunesse avec les familles vulnérables» (in French).

On the strength of our co-research expertise with people in extreme poverty, we wanted to make the voices of young people and parents directly concerned by the measures of the Youth Protection Directorate (YPD) heard, and in particular that judicial placement.

The YPD was called upon in particular to intervene in many families living in conditions of great economic, cultural and social precariousness. Indeed, extreme poverty weakens the lives of families, hinders their development and sometimes compromises the safety and development of children. The drama of child placement is part of the life and history of these families. Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Fourth World said: “Poverty is never being sure to keep those you love”.

The strength of our thesis is to relay testimonies directly from parents concerned by the measures of the YPD, and to conclude with 10 concrete proposals.

In February 2020, we were received for a hearing, for which we formed a delegation. During this hearing, the commissioners listened and demonstrated a real interest in the ATD Fourth World Movement and the process of merging of knowledge.

We hope that the report submitted to the Commission will be the starting point for major and innovative advances for the most vulnerable families in our society.

The report can be viewed and downloaded below (French version only).