Support our projects

The international movement ATD Fourth World is essentially based on the commitment of permanent volunteers, activists and allies.

Beyond the essential financial support for the development of our actions and projects, everyone can get involved in their own way and according to their means in one or more of our actions, in specific areas (administration, fundraising, etc.) or in their social and professional environment.

In our actions

In the administrative and technical field

We are constantly looking for volunteers who can support us with administration, accounting, seeking funding (donations, public or private funding):

  • Find financial support.
  • Participate in the design (graphics and content) dissemination tools movement: Newspaper, Fourth World Actualities, pamphlets and presentation videos of the actions of the movement.
  • Buy books and greetings cards.

Getting informed

  • Get informed, understand, dream, with publications of the Fourth World editions.
  • Discover our fight and our actions in Quebec, by consulting our annual reports.
  • Stay informed of our actions through our newsletters
  • Follow us on social networks: on Facebook and on Twitter, we give you all the important information on the fight against poverty in Quebec. You will also be able to find out about all our events.