Do an internship / Summer job


We regularly welcome student interns to our team in Montreal. Internships can relate to various projects: organization of events, communication, fundraising, research projects, etc.
Whatever the internship, we always offer the student the opportunity to participate in the animation of a field action (street library, festival of shared knowledge…). We favor long internships (more than two months).
Do not hesitate to apply freely by sending us a CV and a letter of intent, or simply by contacting us first.

Consult the current internship offer (in French) (note: no precise offer currently but contact us!)

Summer job

Some years we get the opportunity to hire one or more summer jobs. These jobs are usually assigned to the organization at Festival of Learnings, which brings together residents of the Hochelaga district to share the talents, passions and know-how of all. This is a good experience in managing a project and mobilizing the community.

To find out more and apply, see the job ad (in French) (note: this is a 2015 ad, which will be updated next summer if summer jobs are possible).