Le Géant #1 artistic project

Le Géant#1 is a collective work produced in 2016, following a project that lasted several months. It is in particular a sound painting produced in the HLM Hochelaga housings.

This project has made it possible to strengthen ties within families and the community, thus promoting a climate of peace more conducive to learning and academic success.

The work was the subject of a vernissage at the Gham and Dafe High Arts Gallery in Montreal on October 17, 2016, on the occasion of the World Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty. It has also been exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts! (from 29th October 2018 to 13th January 2019).

The painting Le Géant#1 was also present as part of the Art in the community conference, held by artist and teacher Joëlle Tremblay, at Laval University in Quebec City, on the 30th March 2017. It is now possible to Watch the conference below (in French):

An article (in French) on this conference is available.